Really it’s very Strange for Me..

Something different..

When I can to talk..

It’s forbidden..

OMG sometimes I think..

I’m very hate with thats rule..

And when Everybody want join with our..


To know, when something to say..

U can..Please..

U will follow thats rules or you back being rebel..

Hmmm Thats about ur choice right?

Thats like a playing to make something..


I think it’s not fair..

Somebody just want haha hihi..

Oh please..really I hate…

Lie for my self..


I just keep silent..

And follow the rules..

But it’s like a crazy think..

I talk with other people but can’t for 1 people..

Like a fighting..

Like a war…

U not hate, but make it look like hate..

It’s very strange..

Really strange..



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